Domingo, enero 29, 2023

Casa da Ínsua, el nuevo parador

The Casa da Ínsua , in Portugal , is an old manor house of the 18th century, built in the Baroque style, built under Luís de Albuquerque and Mello Pereira e Cáceres, at the time Governor and Captain General of Cuibá and Mato Grosso, in Brazil. In 2009, this building was converted into a 5-star boutique hotel , aimed at leisure and event tourism, which you should not miss!

The place is perfect if you are looking for a quiet place outside the city, since the Parador Casa da Ínsua stands out for its unique atmosphere and for the historical charm present in the most surprising details. Walking through the gardens is not the only activity you can do. Other activities are:

The wine tasting produced in the Casa
Follow the shepherd in the morning
See the artisanal production of Serra da Estrela cheese and jams
Collaborate in the activities of the farm, such as work in the garden, or picking fruit
Walking in the wide green spaces Around
Using the outdoor pool in the hottest time

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