Jueves, abril 22, 2021
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Cómo acostumbrarte a usar lentes progresivas

Over the years our view changes. Although you have always enjoyed a perfect vision, there will come a time when you will need reading glasses . In fact, your eyesight could change to the point of needing to wear glasses for everything. At first, it may take a bit of getting used to, but then we share some tips that will help you adapt to them :

1. Buy your glasses in a specialized optics

The expert will detect the problems you have in sight and will make the most suitable lenses for you.

2. Inform him of what your daily activities are

Working in front of a computer is not the same as driving a taxi. In the first case, more emphasis will be given to the near and intermediate view and in the second, far vision will be more important.

3. Choose a frame that you are comfortable with

When it comes to progressive glasses you have to pay close attention to the shape and size of the frame because they influence the amplitude of the visual fields.

4. Collect your progressives in optics

The optician will give you the necessary advice to take care of the lenses and will also adjust the frame.

5. Get out of the optics with your progressives on

The sooner you start using them, the sooner you will feel comfortable with them. When you start using the progressives it is normal that you feel a little dizzy, so do not wear them to drive or perform dangerous activities until you feel safe.